Insurance not only protects the investments we’ve made, such as a home, business, or vehicle, but also grants us peace of mind. When the unexpected occurs, resulting in costly repairs and expenses, insurance steps in, providing us with the financial help and expert guidance needed to get through trying times. Don’t wait until the damage is done, be prepared with flood insurance! Moriarity—when you need an agency you can count on, look no further than Suttie’s Insurance Agency!

For years, we’ve been serving New Mexicans, providing them with friendly service, expert guidance, and affordable insurance they can trust. Our team of agents are solely committed to you and finding a plan that covers what you need at the price you want! When the unexpected happens, don’t worry—you’re covered by Suttie’s Insurance Agency!

Customized Coverage

We recognize that every person, their investments, and financial situations are unique, and therefore, their insurance policy should be, too! Our team will work with you to determine the right price and amount of coverage for your Moriarty home or business. Rather than you putting in the time and effort to search for the right providers, we do the hard work for you, providing you with a list of the most trusted insurers with the best, most affordable price. Suttie’s Insurance Agency makes shopping for the right policy easy, so that you can quickly and confidently get back to focusing on the things that matter most.

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Moriarty Flood Insurance

Though known for its desert climate, central New Mexico is no stranger to extreme rain storms. These can cause flash flooding, which are often devastating to properties in Moriarty. Flood insurance specifically insures property loss or water damage due to flooding, and can cover a multitude of items, including your home and vehicle. Our team at Suttie’s Insurance Agency will shop policies for you, then present you with the best options, so that you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected!

Take Charge of Your Insurance

Our goal is simple: find coverage that meets your needs and prices that match your budget. Nobody knows these two aspects better than you, so we put you in charge! With expert guidance and a team of trusted agents by your side, you can be confident in your policies without breaking the bank.

For the best flood insurance in Moriaty, call Suttie’s Insurance Agency today at (505) 298-6722 or visit us online to view the other types of insurance we offer.

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